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M.S. Tech Information Technology – Information Security

Master’s Degree Programme in Information Technology – Information Security from Tampere University offers both breadth and depth in education to students, providing them with diverse career opportunities.

Quick Facts

Full-time Duration: 2 years
Starting in: 1st of August 2021
Tuition Fee: € 12,000/year
Location: Central Campus, Tampere, Finland

Security and privacy are fundamental concepts in the digital age. Real world implications and applications are everywhere around us: the browser you use to shop over the Internet, the mobile phone you hold conversations over, the bank card in your wallet, the way you travel, the car keys in your pocket, to casting electronic votes.

Information Technology – Information Security from Tampere University research spans from theoretical to applied aspects of security and privacy, and everywhere in between. Our research appears in globally top ranked venues such as IEEE Symposium on Security and Privacy, ACM Conference on Computer and Communications Security, and USENIX Security Symposium, to name a few – major recruiting outlets for both industry and academia.

Study Content

  • All students will take the core courses designed to give a comprehensive introduction into this specialist field by covering the fundamentals of information security and privacy – especially why the latter is so difficult to achieve in practice.
  • Subsequently, students will have the opportunity to take several courses related to cryptography, network security, software security, access and identity management.
  • During these courses, students will not only learn how to protect a system from certain attacks but also how to find new ones – analyze the security of a system. Hence, by the end of the programme, students will learn to think in both rational and irrational ways – a fundamental property in the area of information security.

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The quality of life in here is so much better than in lots of countries. Tampere is a lovely town. I am slightly older than average students, and Tampere has got everything I need.

Joseph // United Kingdom // Master’s degree programme in Internet and Game Studies

Career Prospects

Information security professionals work in every size company and industry to protect organizations from data breaches and attacks. By studying our programme, students get the necessary skills allowing them to follow a wide range of career paths such as:

  • Researcher in Applied Cryptography;
  • Researcher in Network / Computer Security;
  • IT Security Engineer / Operations Specialist;
  • Product Security Engineer;
  • Penetration Tester / White Hat Hacker / Ethical Hacker;
  • Source Code Auditor;
  • Vulnerability Assessor;
  • Computer Security Incident Responder;
  • Information Security Analyst / Consultant / Assurance Officer / Assurance Analyst / Risk Officer;
  • Cyber Security Manager;
  • Security Officer;
  • Computer Forensics Analyst;
  • Anti-Piracy / Content Protection Analyst.

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