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M.S. Computing Sciences, Machine Learning

The Computing Sciences – Machine Learning programme from Tampere University is an engineering programme, where the particular emphasis is on implementing machine learning algorithms with an application-oriented focus, with applications related to imaging, audio or other sensor data.

Quick Facts

Full-time Duration: 2 years
Starting in: 1st of August 2021
Tuition Fee: € 12,000/year
Location: Tampere, Finland

Experts on analyzing data are needed for solving challenging data driven problems such as understanding of text documents, conversation and social media; creating intelligent search engines; finding data-driven insights into phenomena of society, economy and culture; creating data-driven solutions for medical and biological problems; and enabling self-driving cars and autonomous robots.

Study Content

  • The machine learning courses cover both theory and practice. They address a wide spectrum of machine learning techniques in classification, regression, unsupervised learning and reinforcement learning (robotics) settings.
  • We are committed to keep the module up-to-date with the rapid advancements made in the field. We use modern tools, including the famous scikit-learn and Tensorflow libraries. On some courses, we also organise machine learning competitions where students solve research problems.

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The quality of life in here is so much better than in lots of countries. Tampere is a lovely town. I am slightly older than average students, and Tampere has got everything I need.

Joseph // United Kingdom // Master’s degree programme in Internet and Game Studies

Career Prospects

After completing the Computing Sciences – Machine Learning programme from Tampere University, you will be qualified to pursue a wide range of career opportunities in different fields of technology. The skills of data-driven problem solving are in high demand. This can be seen, for example, in surveys that demonstrate that data and machine learning engineers are among the highest-paid of all professional programmers. Tampere is a vibrant industrial hub for various types of companies with needs for machine learning experts.

Graduated Master’s of Science typically find employment in research, design, development, production and operating tasks, or commercial and administrative tasks relating to the field, without excluding abilities to work as a researcher, teacher or manager.

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