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B.S. Science and Engineering

Science and engineering are the basis for all development and innovations. There is an increasing need for experts who have a strong mathematical background and creative skills to solve complex problems. This BSc in Science and Engineering is offered by Tampere University.

Quick Facts

Full-time Duration: 3 years
Starting in: 1st of August 2021
Tuition Fee: € 10,000
Location: Hervanta Campus, Tampere, Finland

Studies in The International Degree Programme in Science and Engineering, BSc (Tech) give you abilities to follow the accelerating technological development and to use scientific methods. Step into the world of science and engineering with endless opportunities!

Build your future in Tampere University

The content of the Bachelor’s programme has been designed to give you many different study and career paths after graduation. Graduates with the Bachelor of Science in Technology degree are eligible to continue studies directly at the Master’s level at Tampere University. With the decisions you make during the Bachelor’s studies, you will actively form the focus of your future studies and career.

Studies in the programme may eventually lead you to work as an R & D engineer in industry, as a software specialist with the newest technologies, carry out data analysis for an insurance company or research for universities or the industry – maybe even to establish your own start-up with a ground-breaking idea!

Company cases and real-life examples will connect theory to practice. Internship possibilities already exist for the first-year students. For a research-oriented student, it is possible to gain experience already during the Bachelor’s studies by working in one of the research groups on real-life projects.

Independence and initiative are traits of University-level studies, especially in Finland and Tampere University. Students may choose their study paths according to their own interests and professional goals.

Range of possibilities after the Bachelor’s degree

Get inspired by Master’s studies

The content of the Bachelor’s programme has been designed to give you many different study and career paths after graduation. With the broad basis in engineering and scientific subjects, and the widely recognized degree offered by the programme, graduates will be eligible to continue studies in Master’s programmes around the world. Only one’s imagination is the limit to what you can do! The career paths available to graduates depend largely on how you continue your studies after the Bachelor’s degree.

At Tampere University, we offer direct paths to six of our eight Master’s programmes after graduation: all students to complete a Bachelor’s degree at Tampere University also gain a right to study a Master’s degree with us without having to apply again. The major subject or the combination of subjects in Bachelor’s degree will define the major subject you will be eligible to continue with at the Master’s level after completing your Bachelor’s degree. For some Master’s programmes, a minimum average grade may be required.

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I really enjoyed learning in a relaxed atmosphere, meeting other people from many countries doing different things and getting to know the University before the hustle and bustle of term time as an international degree student began.

Lauren // United Kingdom (2015)

Courses Included

  • Mathematics
  • Physics
  • Information and Communications Technology

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