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M.S.W. Community Work and Multicultural Development

You are most welcome to study community work and multicultural development in cooperation with other international talents!

Learn the basic principles and most common practices of the Nordic welfare state with the Community Work and Multicultural Development course at Tampere University of Applied Sciences.

Quick Facts

Part-time Duration: 1.5 – 2 years
Starting in: August
Tuition Fee: € 10,800
Location: Blended

Absorb knowledge and skills that you can utilize in developing and leading social and health care organizations and processes related to promoting people’s well-being and learning.

Strengthen your international and local networks and learn about multiculturalism and cultural sensitivity both in theory and in practice. Take into consideration the new contacts and lessons in your work assignments.


After 1,5 years of inspiring studies, graduates of the Community Work and Multicultural Development course at Tampere University of Applied Sciences have developed a strong expertise to work in demanding customer service and supervisory positions in social and health care organizations as well as academies. They have a capacity to work in multicultural communities and international roles too.

As a graduate of the master’s degree Programme in Community Work and Multicultural Development, you can also work as a multicultural work leader, a sustainable development expert, a community work leader, and an expert in social development projects.

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TAMK’s “21st Century Educators” meant a lot of reflection on my own practice, challenges to change and innovate, dealing with the most modern educational concepts, strategies, ideas. The course has been an invaluable opportunity to learn, share and interact with lots of great professionals who also seek learning/teaching improvement.”

Sônia Leites // Brazil

Study content

  • During the first semester you will learn about theoretical framework for eco-social work and Finnish Health and Social Service Systems. You will also begin the thesis process by confirming your thesis topic and finalizing your plan.
  • In the second semester, you will become acquainted with global challenges and welfare issues, as well as community and participatory development methods. In the thesis process, you progress to the implementation phase, for which you receive support from the teaching staff and project partners.
  • During the third semester, you will become familiar with project and customer relationship management, system theories and experimental culture. In addition, interpersonal work, such as facilitation and mentoring, are at the center. During the third and fourth semesters, most students complete their thesis and a master’s degree.

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