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M.S. Photonics Technologies

M.S. Security and Safety Management – Safety Management and Engineering

M.A.S. Security and Safety Management – Security Governance

M.S. Biomedical Technology

M.S. Computing Sciences, Data Science

M.S. Game Studies

M.Soc.Sc Global and Transnational Sociology

M.S. Computing Science – Human-Technology Interaction

M.S. Computing Sciences, Statistical Data Analytics

M.S. (Technology) Environmental Engineering

M.S. (Technology) Information Technology, Information Security

M.A.S Leadership for Change – Governance for Sustainable Change

M.S Leadership for Change – Sustainable Business Management

M.Soc.Sc Peace, Mediation and Conflict Research

M.B.A. Risk Management and Circular Economy (TAMK)

M.Soc.Sc Public Choice

M.A. (Education) Teacher Education

M.A.S Research and Innovation in Higher Education

M.Soc.Sc Comparative Social Policy and Welfare

M.B.A. International Business Management (TAMK)

M.C.A Screenwriting (TAMK)

M.B.A. Educational Leadership (TAMK)

M.C.A Emerging Media (TAMK)

M.H.C. Genetic and Genomic Counselling (TAMK)

M.S. Biomedical Sciences and Engineering – Biomaterials and Tissue Engineering

M.S. Biomedical Sciences and Engineering – Biomedical Micro- and Nanodevices

M.S. Biomedical Sciences and Engineering – Health Technology and Informatics

M.S. Sustainable Architecture

M.Soc.Sc Leadership for Change – European and Global Politics

M.S. Industrial Engineering and Management – Business and Technology

M.S. Electrical Engineering – Smart Grids

M.S. Electrical Engineering – Wireless Communications and RF Systems

M.S. Information Technology – Communication Systems and Networks

M.S. (Technology) Computing Sciences, Machine Learning

M.S. Information Technology – Embedded Systems

M.S. Information Technology – Robotics and Artificial Intelligence

M.S. Computing Science – Software, Web and Cloud

M.S. (Technology) Computing Sciences, Human-Technology Interaction

M.S. Engineering Materials Science

M.S. Automation Engineering – Factory Automation and Robotics